General Application

General information for completing the application form
1. You need to apply no later than two months after the expenditure has been made.
2. It is essential that the "actual " and "request" columns are completed with figures.
3. Your request for expenditure could be for one or more areas of support.
Please indicate all those that apply.
4. The applicant should normally complete the form. If he/she is unable to do so
or is under 13 years of age, the parent/carer may do so on his/her behalf.

5. Fields marked * must be completed

SECTION A Complete this section if you are the parent/carer of the applicant and
applying on his/her behalf. Otherwise go directly to Section B

SECTION B Personal Details of applicant

SECTION C Purpose of the application

Areas of support.
Please indicate all those that apply

Course Fees
Educational Excursion
Total Cost
Section D

Give additional information that will support your request

For example:
Nature of course, Book Titles, Reason for travel, Type of equipment, Type of materials, Excursion itinerary, Cost of tickets, Letter from school etc

Section E

Use the attachments to supply evidence to support your application
E.G. Copies of: confirmation letter, certificate, tickets, school letter, etc
PROOF OF EXPENDITURE IS ESSENTIAL e.g. copy of receipts, online confirmation,
highlighted entry on a bank or credit card statement

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