General information for completing the application form for an Organisation


  1. Sections A, B, C, D and E MUST be completed in full. Section F should have at least one attachment.

  1. You will need to state the following information: -

  • The number of members who are in your organisation.

  • The number of members in your organisation who reside in the Civil Parish of Clifford and who are under 25 years of age.

  1. Your application can be made at any stage during the development of your project but in any case, no later than 2 months after expenditure has been made.

SECTION A Details of the Organisation

SECTION B Details of the person making the application on behalf of the organisation

SECTION C Purpose of the application

 You need to give, as appropriate:

Section D

Section D Cost

Section E  Request

Section F
  1. Where appropriate, in support of your application attach:

  • Copies of plans

  • Specifications and costings for your project

  1. Attach your previous year’s accounts

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